Irina Eliseeva

Irina Eliseeva

Date of Birth: 1943

Position: Head of the Department of Economics and Statistics, St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance

Awarded for significant contribution to the Russian state statistic modernization and development of higher economic education in Russia

Irina Eliseeva an Honored Scientist of RF, President of the Scientific Council on the socio-economic problems of the St. Petersburg Scientific Center RAS, a member of the European Society of History of Economic Thought, a member of the International Statistical Institute. I. Eliseeva made a number of works, revealing the history of the formation of Russia’s state statistics, proved the main directions of the influence of Western European and Anglo-American statistical science in the development of Russia’s statistics, Developed an approach to a complex stochastic and strictly deterministic communications. Formulated and put into scientific circulation the term "family group", identified the function of family groups in Russia, shows their importance for social and demographic reproduction of the population. The capabilities of the method of input-output " W. Leontief and the system of national accounting (SNA) to improve the taxation system in Russia and the measurement of shadow economic activity (a series of works 1998-2003.).