Statement of Leontief Medal "For Achievements in Economy"


To meet the challenges facing the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences in Russian economy development – creating favorable climate for science development, improving the state well-being, supporting and encouraging the most talented scientists and experts in economic science and market economy development – the Presidium of the Academy established a medal in name of Wassily Leontief «For Achievements in Economy».

  1. The Wassily Leontief Medal shall be awarded to:
    • the scientists and the experts who have brought a significant contribution to development of the economic theory and the theory of market economy development;
    • the practitioners who have created and managed conditions for market economy development, competitive production output, favorable conditions for regional development;
    • the specialists in the field of production and social conditions management who have facilitated the welfare improvement of a region.
  2. The medal shall be awarded by the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences on the recommendation of the awards commission considering the eligible nominees recommended by the sections, Members of the Academy and Leontief Foundation.
  3. The Medal Winners should actively participate in the Academy work,; perform charity work on Academy constitutional provisions and publishing.
  4. The medal shall be accompanied by an honorary diploma of the established pattern.
  5. The medal shall be worn on the left breast.

Approved at the session of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, № 153 of 30.10.2002